Calibration Round #12


The contest will start on January 7, 2022 at 8:00pm UTC+6:00 and will run for 1 hour .


The contest will be rated for all the participants making at least one submission. The rating changes will be applied once the contest ends.


It is open for everyone to participate.

Contest Link: Calibration Round #12 | গণিতযজ্ঞ

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Finally new round…

Best of luck.


I could not participate in calibration round 11 because of staying in Sylhet Cadet College, a residential educational institution. Therefore, this is going to be my first participation in a calibration round. Pray for me so that I can get Zeta rank… :wink:

How can I participate??can anyone tell me please

Just click on sign up now.You need to press “enter” when the contest starts .and then the problems (maths) will appear automatically

It will be better if the calibration round #12 start at 8:30 pm because of the esha prayer.

এশার আজান হয় 7 টায়!

Ke koyta paren? Ami pari 3 ta matro…

vul answer er jonno penalty ki?

Scoreboard has been published.

After contest submission please.

Rating changes have been applied. Upsolve has been turned on. Happy Solving :heart: