Calibration Round #14


The contest will start on February 3, 2022 at 8:00pm UTC+6:00 and will run for 1 hour .


The contest will be rated for all the participants making at least one submission. The rating changes will be applied once the contest ends.


It is open for everyone to participate.

Contest Link: Calibration Round #14 | গণিতযজ্ঞ

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!! Prize !!

The top 3 participants from this round will be awarded the book “551 BdMO Problems” of their respective category. Another lucky winner(picked randomly) from the top 20 positions will also be awarded another book.


Prothom dike submission gula Correct naki Wrong ta dekhacchilo, pore sheta chole gelo keno?

মাঝখানে একটা notification show করছিলো,

When will the result be published?

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Will answer of those problems be published?

Assalamualaikum everyone

এবারের রেজাল্ট দিতে এত দেরি হচ্ছে কেন?

Can anyone help me with this one

Participant ranked 3 and participant ranked 5 in calibration round 14 contest seem to be the same person. Isn’t it cheating to use multiple accounts in the same contest?

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Rating changes have been applied and upsolve has been turned on.