Can anyone help?

Can anyone help me with this problem?

The answer is x=0.


Yes, it should be 0, but is it only because the L.H.S is increasing and the R.H.S is Decreasing? If the value is any other than 0?

You can’t just say if one side is increasing or decreasing. Cause, you don’t know if x is positive or not. It’s just direct substitution and LHS=RHS in my case.

The x is positive it is given in the question

No. x isn’t defined as a positive number.

Oh, yes sorry my mistake…:sweat_smile:

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Two circles touch each other in such a way that they have no common area in between. How many common tangents can be drawn at most between the circles?

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we see that,

the left hand side is increasing and
the right hand side of this equation is decreasing

so the solution is x = 0.