Give some hints for problem solving

I have tried a lot for this Question but my answer is not accepted by Gonitzoggo. Please give me some hints.

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Gonitzoggo also don’t take my answer. I think it is some kind of glitch

@moderators hello, kindly check this problem.

Yes, I think there is some machine error in this problem.

There has been a lot of reports regarding this problem and our academic team has checked it multiple times. So I can confidently say the answer is not 69.

But I have also checked it that I get the answer 69. I also checked by python programming. I think there something wrong like instead of 2017, there will be any other number or similar error .


@Gomuj bhai the code looks legit to me. the algo is pretty much self-explanatory.

এই প্রব্লেমে উত্তরে ভুল ছিলো, আমরা সলিউশন আপডেট করে দিচ্ছি। এখন গিয়ে সাবমিট দেবার চেষ্টা করুন।


But many users solved this problem at past. But how?

Our best guess is that they used bruteforce.