How to learn physics?

Hi,I am currently in class 10 and came to know about physics olympiad about some months ago.I have started reading HRK physics but I am facing dificulty while solving problems because I have lack of theoritical .It would be helpful for me if I can know how the better problem solvers overcame this situation.

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Hi @shahrin24434 , Accept my salutations friend, Hope you are well,
I think following these nine rules will make you fully prepared for the Physics Olympiad.

  1. Thoroughly Learn the Theory
  2. Don’t Disregard Experiments in Your Theory Preparation
  3. Develop the Mathematical Skills Needed
  4. Let Others Mentor You and Help Your Peers
  5. Watch Out for the Big Games
  6. Mix and Match the Topic
  7. Test Yourself- Get used to the Marking Scheme
  8. Use the Unlimited Resources of the Internet
  9. Learn Alternative Methods

The last thing you need is confidence in yourself. Keep working hard with self-confidence in yourself, you will see that one day you will be successful.