If this feature is applied

When we solve any question in gz, we can see a page. If this page displays us the solution of the problem it will be better.
Because especially me, sometimes I solve some problems by guessing. In this type of problems, I cannot find the solution.So that I am not able to solve this categories other question.

So please provide the solution after solving a problem. But don’t provide the solution if we don’t solve.

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According to me there is no need… If you have the real thirst for the logic for the process you will try…We have not come here for only points…We have come here to learn…

But sometimes i guess the answer or get correct ans with wrong proccess which I don’t know? So after solving if we can see solution it helps us to improve our skills

We also need to learn how to find mistakes in any solves…
By doing it your number of mistakes will gradualy lessen…

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