Weekly Chess Puzzle 10

Hi good fellows, welcome to the 10th puzzle of our weekly chess puzzle series (I kinda forgot how many weeks we have missed till now though :roll_eyes:)

Black to move. Find the best move for Black here.

Weekly Chess Puzzle 10

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pawn to g6 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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How is that even winning?

First pawn to g3 .If white pawn takes any of black black piece(rook / pawn) ,Then black queen to e3 , there are several way from there to win .
1st variation : 1.rook e1 pawnpawn f2 2.king f1 rook h1
2nd variation: 1.whatever the move is black pawn
pawn f2 2. rook*pawn f2 black qeen *rook
if rook moves e1 then >> black pawn takes pawn f2 2.king f1 rook h1

move black queen from cell 7e to cell 5e