Welcome to Gonitzoggo Community

Welcome to the Gonitzoggo community! If you do not know how to use this place or post topics, don’t be afraid. It is very easy, and probably will take less than 5 minutes to learn. Just keep reading this post. :grinning:


There is no need to register a new account here. Anyone with a gonitzoggo.com account will be able to use this place. Just click on login and you will be redirected to the Gonitzoggo login page.

Posting your first topic

Posting here is fairly easy. Click on the “new topic” button in the top right, and you’ll be able to create a new topic. Your topic can be a question or the title of the discussion you’re planning to start. You can select a category for your topic. It is better to select a category always as it keeps the community more structured. Yet if you are not sure which category your topic falls under, just select “Uncategorized”.

Replying to a topic

If you want to reply to any topic, you can do that by clicking the “Reply” button in the bottom right. Also, if you want to reply to someone else’s reply, you can click the reply button immediately after the post. That way, his/her reply will be quoted in yours.

Using LaTeX

LaTeX is a core part of any scientific community. It is used for writing professional-looking equations. if you want to write an equation in your topic, please wrap it in two dollar sign, and your equation will be rendered. If you don’t know how to use LaTeX, you can visit this page.

Posting answers to problems

Do not post answers to Gonitzoggo archive problems or contests. Posting answers to any problem from the Gonitzoggo archive or contest are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ban. You can discuss about solving strategy, or about your approaches towards the problem though. Just do not post direct answers. That demeans the solving spirit of the other users.


Really excited :grin:

Sharing the first math meme of this community.


We have created a new meme category, you can post your memes there from now on.


All hail to the great leader @math_rocker

It would be better if there would be a new Puzzle category where we can post different kinds of puzzles.

Puzzle category added.