Who know it?!?!?!?!?!?(Part 15)

Point: \fbox{500}

\frac{Car}{2} ?

Hint_1 : Think, imagine-
\fbox{What things a car have ?}

Hint_2 : \fbox{সংখ্যাকে কোনো কিছু দিয়ে}
\fbox{ভাগ করলে সংখ্যাই আসবে।}

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After each 15 parts(Round 1), the results of the solvers will be shown and who will get the highest point, he will get a super reward !!!


First Way
We know that car has metre.
So, Assume that x=\frac {Car}{2}
\implies{x=\frac {metre}{2}}
\implies{x=\frac {1}{2}×metre}

so,it means half metre

Second way

\frac {Car}{2}
\implies\frac{(C) and(\pi)}{2}

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তোমাদের উত্তর পুরোপুরি সঠিক হয়নি কারণ আমি বলছি যে \frac{Car}{2} এর আসন্ন মান কত ?


এটা হলো কার্বন আর আর্গনের ভৌত সমবায়ে তৈরি মিশ্রণের অর্ধেক :sweat_smile: :laughing:

Atomic Mass of Carbon is 12.011u≈ 12 and atomic mass of Argon is 39.948u≈ 40 So lets calculate


NOW GIVE ME 500 POINTS :laughing:

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তোমার উত্তর পুরোপুরি সঠিক হয়নি কারণ Car বলতে আমি যানবাহন বুঝিয়েছি। I am giving another hint.


\fbox{You have only 3 hours for solving it.}

\fbox{Don't give up!!} \fbox{Try your best.}
\fbox{Best of luck.}
\fbox{Remember that once who will get} \fbox{the highest point,}
\fbox{he will achieve a super reward!!!!! }


\fbox{30 minutes remaining!!!!!!}

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Ok, Time up!
Answer is

\fbox{Bike 🏍️}

Because, The half of a car’s parts’ sum is approximately equal to Bike.

Example: Car has 4 wheels, if you divide it by 2,
You will get 2 wheels, which a bike contain.

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Now the winner of round 1 is-

Who got highest point (325)

You got this super reward!!!-

images (3)

And “arko_1729” (2nd) got 200 points in
round 1. Your price is-

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আশা করি তোমরা শীঘ্রই বয়ঃসন্ধিকাল কাটিয়ে উঠবে। এবং, দায়িত্বশীল আচরণ করবে।

@Potential_Learner Can you solve it??

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Who can solve it?

কেউ কি জান?!?!?!?!?!?!👀