Weekly Chess Puzzle 1

Hi good fellows.
As we all are here for problem solving, I thought why not add some chess puzzle in the forum.
So I have decided that I will post one chess puzzle per week for you. Feel free to write the answer in the reply.
Following game was between Ian Nepomniachtchi and Firouzja Alireza. White to move. Find the best move for white.

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Hi! I think knight to F7 is the best possible move here, because there is a nice forking opportunity there. Even if the knight is taken by the black knight, we could still recompensate using the bishop. I’m a novice at chess, so I’m not entirely sure if it’s right. Please kindly correct me if I’m wrong…

Lets analyse your move. Knight to f4, then knight takes knight at f4. then bishop takes the knight, and there is a king there for the bishop. So basically you will be one bishop down with zero attack. You can’t check the king, which is much worst position for any middlegame.

B3 Bishop to F7 is the best choice to me, or,
Just fleeing somewhere with G5 horse

Black will response with Knight takes bishop. Then you can’t even take the knight back with g5 knight because king will take your knight.

Fleeing is a okay in our level of chess as white is just one pawn down. But there is a better move than that.

How about B3 bishop to E6. I think that not bad. Because only the pawn can attack E6. Then i will attack it with the horse and then the queen need to flee or need to suiside with my queen.

pawn takes bishop, knight takes pawn. then there is a bishop in c8 which can take your knight. You will be down two piece. Black will happily trade queens at this point.

Got it. Thanks for the clarification!

If pawn captures queen, it’s Bf7# mate


You are absolutely correct :grinning:

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attempt for potential queen sacrifice, if captured then mate next move by cruel bishop. if not captured then a whole knight up. easy one.

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There is a fun here, Nepo also captured the knight with Queen, but immediately lost the game :smile:
Time issue niya ki jani ekta hoyesilo.