Weekly Chess Puzzle 7

Hi good fellows!
Sorry for disappearing. I was busy with my own life for a bit. Now I have returned with our favorite Chess puzzle series. Now I will try to post one puzzle every week. From now on, I will try to post a puzzle on Saturday. Stay with us.

White to move. Find the best move for white.

Weekly Chess Puzzle 7

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The white horse on 5c going to 7d. Resulting a checkmate


Actually im not good at chess

Knight to d7 doesn’t result in a checkmate.

Best continuation for white- 1) b6, Nxb6, 2) Nd7+, Ke7, 3) Nxb6, Bxb6, 4) c8= Q

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King to e8. Whats your next move?

Horse of 7d to 6b will be my next move


I dont play chess very well :slight_smile:

Black Knight takes your knight on b6. Now, you can’t push either of the pawn.