Weekly Chess Puzzle 3

Hi good fellows.
Eid Mubarak to all. I hope you all had a wonderful Eid.
I have come with our weekly chess puzzle. Feel free to write the answer in the reply.

White to move. Find the best move for white.

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White Rook to h2(Rh2). If Black gets greedy & captures the rook then the game is over 'cz White can checkmate in just one move & the move is Q*f7. Again if Black doesn’t capture the rook rather side stepped the king on g7. White will give check with his Queen by Qb2. Then whatever black does, he will lose his rook immediately or afterwards. And that’s gonna be completely winning for white.

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Queen to f7. Then king is checkmate there is no other move for king . Win!!.

after Qf7, black can take your queen using his queen.

Rook to h2 is the best possible move for white.