Weekly Chess Puzzle 4

Hi good fellows. How are you all doing?
I am back with our 4th weekly puzzle. You can write the answer in the reply.
It is white’s turn. Now find the best move for White in this position.

Weekly Chess Puzzle 4

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In first , white moves Queen to h8 with giving a check. Then black’s king has forced to take white’s Queen. Then white will give check by knight with capture the black’s rook in f7 . Then black’s king will move to g8 or g7. Then the white’s knight which is in f7, will capture the black’s Queen.

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I don’t know the rules of Chess. I tried to solve it.But I don’t know any thing of Chess.

Does your parent know chess or any relative?

Hey mate!! Don’t worry, chess rules are not that hard to understand.
Do you know how chess pieces move?

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Right answer, queen sacrifice !!
My puzzles are getting predictable.

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I am sorry .I don’t know.

Gothachess is one of my favorite chess teacher online. You can follow his Youtube channel to learn more.


@Gomuj ,thank you so much for giving the source.Where I can learn chess.

The youtube channel I suggested you just now is one of the best chess learning channel out there.

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Ok,thank you. :)) :slight_smile: