Weekly Chess Puzzle 5

Hi good fellows.
I have come with our week 5 chess puzzle.
White to move. Find the best move for White.

Weekly Chess Puzzle 5

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Knight sac at f5 and recapture with pawn as black. Then Rook sac d7 and bring the other rook to d1 and deliver mate with the other two bishops. Since there are lots of possibilities , i didn’t write in algebraic notation.

It is not a sacrifice if you get the a bishop for the knight. Materialistically, both of them are equal (3).
Btw, is there any forced checkmate after rook takes knight? I don’t think so.

right, my mistake. some variations are mate to black where both bishops bring the king to corner of the board. but if king come to center, it becomes bishops vs a pawn and rook which losing for white. so after, black recapture the knight, we can move our bishop to e6 pinning their knight and in the next move, the knight is gone. so, now it is two bishop vs a pawn for white which is definitely winning.